ROaD EducatiOn


Call 2021 Round 1 KA2
KA220-SCH-Cooperation partnerships in school education
Form ID KA220-SCH-BC3E99EA Deadline (Brussels Time) 21 May 2021 12:00:00

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Teenagers have low awareness about causes and consequences of road accidents. They are prone to distractions, have difficulties on properly dividing their attention while driving and to respond promptly to unexpected events.

Within this framework, the RODEO project is targeted to secondary school students with and without motor impairments, who are typically pedestrians, cyclists, riders, new drivers or car passengers, in order to promote competences, active citizenship and ethics in the field of road civic education and safety.


  • Multiplier event

    Multiplier event

    On March 2nd 2023 there will be the first Multiplier Event of the project! High school students and teachers will be meeting in Genova, Italy to talk about Road Education and Safety, through interactive hands on activities. The event, organized by Scuola di Robotica, in collaboration with the University of Genova, will involve experts in the field of Road Safety who will share their knowledge and work with the students to raise awareness about the risks associated with road safety.
  • The first transnational meeting in Odense

    The first transnational meeting in Odense

    The first transnational meeting in Odense, Denmark has ended! The partners have shown their preliminary results and have agreed on how to proceed! Thank you University of Southern Denmark to hosting us physically and virtually
  • RODEO 1st transnational meeting

    RODEO 1st transnational meeting

    UniGe and SDU have worked to organize RODEO 1st transnational meeting that took place on October 3rd in Odense, Denmark. We were happy to meet some participant in persons and other online!  


    ADRIS the driving simulator of our partner UniGe, was awarded at the Society for Simulation in Europe Meeting, SESAM 2022. Looking forward to presenting it to high school students and teachers and collect their feedback!


    ROadEDucatiOn (RODEO) ONLINE KICK-OFF MEETING March  2022 -  Thursday 17 Time: 9.00-13.00   AGENDA